Sanity is easy come, easy go. Sanity can be lost by learning the truth, using spells, reading forbidden tomes, encountering the unimaginable, severe shocks, or any number of horrible possibilities.

Starting Sanity = Wisdom x 5.
Max Sanity = Starting Sanity – Cthulhu Mythos Ranks

A Sanity check is a d100 (d%) check. If the roll is equal to or less than the characters current Sanity, the check is successful.

  1. If a character loses Sanity points equal to 1/2 their wisdom score, they must attempt another Sanity check. If this check fails, they go temporarily insane.
  2. If a character loses 20% or more of their current Sanity points in an hour, they go indefinitely insane.
  3. If a character drops below 0 Sanity, the character quickly begins to dive off the deep end. Each round, the character loses another point of Sanity.
  4. Once a character reaches -10 Sanity, the character is hopelessly, incurably insane.


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