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Welcome to the Worms that Walk wiki!

Here is where we will record the majority of information about the people, places, events, and artifacts we encounter. This front page will serve as a portal to the other wiki pages. When you create a wiki page, don’t forget to put a link to it on the front page! In addition, be sure to tag it and link to pages that occur in its text so we can really take advantage of the wiki’s full potential. With everyone’s cooperation, this can become more than a simple recap of our game sessions, but rather a way to expand and enrich the campaign world and make the game more engrossing for everyone!

Page Sections

  1. Rules
  2. Locations
  3. Organizations
  4. Cosmology
  5. Races
  6. History and Events




  • The Admiralty
  • The Echo Bazaar
  • The Anarchists
  • The Dawn Machine
  • The Khanate
  • Hell


  • Gods of the Sea
    • Stone
    • Storm
    • Salt
  • The Great Kings
    • Fathomking
    • King of a Hundred Hearts
    • Kingeater


  • Humans
    • Tomb ColonistS
    • Drownies
  • Ratlings
  • Devils
  • Clay Men
    • Unfinished Men
  • Rubbery Men

Main Page

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